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Irish Author Joe McCoubrey

Coming in June 2022......

Boyle and Quinn - a double helping of mayhem

Seeing double! Two of your favourite fictional characters finally come face to face in an absorbing all-action crime thriller that sweeps across Ireland at breakneck speed.

Irish Garda detective Mick Boyle shares centre stage with an ex-Ranger, simply known as Quinn, who is back home after a traumatic period as a USA federal agent.
Boyle is on the trail of a ruthless gang of professional killers. Quinn wants nothing more than solitude – but chance would be a fine thing! 

Somehow, their two worlds collide when Quinn has to shake loose his inertia to seek retribution from the same team being hunted by Boyle. 

It promises to be a fine balancing act. Somehow, Boyle has to find a way of making the best use of his new asset whilst ensuring things don’t spiral out of control in the quiet streets of Castlebar and beyond.Boyle and Quinn are either a match made in heaven or a disaster waiting to happen.

Click on the image for a special offer

Click on the image for a special offer

Boyle is back in another edgy thriller

Irish Garda detective Mick Boyle is back in the most challenging manhunt he has ever had to face.

Young girls are vanishing off the streets in a trail that leads from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland to Boyle’s doorstep in Castlebar, County Mayo. The mystery kidnapper has evaded capture in a spree that stretches back 10 years – and there is no sign that he intends to stop.
He never leaves clues. He doesn’t offer up bodies. He simply picks off his victims one by one before moving on to the next target.
But Boyle is determined to catch him – no matter what it takes. The kidnapper is stepping up his activities and Boyle finds himself in a race against time to save at least one young girl from becoming another forgotten statistic.

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Another one for the bookshelf.....
Quinn 2 - No Place to hide

Quinn is back! The enigmatic Irishman – once an international assassin, now a Federal Agent – finds himself at the centre of an ingenious political coup. 

A chance meeting with a beautiful young woman and her frail brother puts Quinn on their trail. Not one to take things at face value, he starts to scratch below the surface, putting him firmly in the sights of a group of ruthless mercenaries determined to protect their leader at all costs. As the body count starts to mount, the FBI is hampered by oversight and interference. Not so Quinn. When things start to get personal, he reverts to doing what he does best. And somewhere down the line every last sonofabitch involved in the conspiracy had better get ready to make peace with their maker.

Because Quinn is not taking prisoners!

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