Mike Devon finds himself in the middle of the terrorist organisation responsible for the Paris atrocities. Using the refugee crisis as a cover for their activities, these highly-funded extremists are intent on bringing death and destruction to other cities across Europe.

When Devon infiltrates one particular gang, operating in the nightclubs of Budapest, he soon realises they are little more than a pawn in a grand game. Someone is using the gang for a far more sinister purpose than the drugs and people-trafficking operations with which they are usually associated.

As Devon edges closer to the man at the top of the ladder, he can’t afford any mistakes.

Because now he’s in a race against time to prevent the streets of London becoming the next battleground.

Joe McCoubrey - No Margin For Error book
Joe McCoubrey - Absence of Mercy book


Mike Devon’s covert counter-terrorism unit has become a target for some of the world’s top assassins. His response is to hit back hard and fast in a merciless campaign aimed at clearing a path to the man who drew up the hit-list.

But as Devon scorches a trail of vengeance across Europe, he finds himself becoming sidetracked by false leads. And that’s when he realises he could have made a fatal mistake.

Are the attacks on his unit nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the biggest ever terrorist plot against the city of London? Has Devon allowed himself to be blindsided just when his country needs him the most?

Joe McCoubrey - Absence Of Rules book


To some people Mike Devon is a highly trained counter-terrorism operative. To others, he’s little more than a Government-sanctioned assassin. Either way, Devon always takes the line of least resistance to get the job done, particularly when he’s faced with two al-Qaeda leaders preparing to unleash a new terror campaign against America and its European allies. But Devon also has to deal with a sinister Russian oil billionaire, pulling the strings in a determined bid to return to the days of East-West conflict. Devon has to fight his way through a plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower and stop the assassination of some of the world's leading businessmen in a roller-coaster that becomes highly personal and threatens the lives of the people he loves most. The stakes couldn’t be higher


This is a high octane, no holds-barred thriller set in the days of the struggle for peace in Ireland. Britain's top counter-terrorism operative, Mike Devon, is on a collision course with the Provisional IRA's most feared assassin, Fergal McSweeney, a man responsible for the death of Devon's girlfriend. As both sides wage a final war of attrition, the action relentlessly from Chicago to London, and from Glasgow to Belfast, before a final bloody finale in the suburbs of Dublin.  Standing in the middle is a young police detective determined to avenge the death of his mentor and ride the streets of the gunmen- from all sides - once and for all.

When the dust settles, who will walk away?

Joe McCoubrey - Someone Has To Pay book